Want longer lasting manicures and pedicures? Using a basecoat is the answer to your prayers! After all, the key to longer lasting wear starts with a smooth, protected nail surface.

ORLY Bonder

Our hero basecoat Bonder, is a firm favourite in most nail tech’s kit. This award winning formula, dubbed as “double-sided sticky tape” grips nail polish to the nail surface for long lasting wear up to two weeks.

ORLY Ridgefiller

Ridgefiller is the first product we created. An innovation over 40 years ago, Ridgefiller is still very much essential today. This handy formula fills ridges and smooths out uneven nails to reveal the perfect base to apply nail polish to.

ORLY Top2Bottom

Top2Bottom is a convenient two in one basecoat and topcoat. Start and finish your manicure with this formula. Because two uses is always better in one.

Start your manicure the right way – with an ORLY basecoat, browse our selection today.