Cuticle Care

Nails grow best when cuticles are hydrated and healthy. So keep cuticles nourished with our selection of cuticle drops and crèmes.

ORLY Cutique

Once you see Cutique in action, you’ll be amazed. It gently and effectively removes dead tissue, leaving cuticles soft and easy to manage. Cutique is also the perfect formulas for removing stains from your nails, leaving them whiter.

Tip: Cutique can also be used to banish those tell-tale fake tan and hair dye stains from hands and nails.

ORLY Argan Oil Cuticle Drops

Hydrate and soften cuticles with our award-winning Argan Oil Cuticle Drops. Containing a rich blend of argan oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E this formula not only helps to nourish but its citrus scent smells delicious.

Tip: Cuticle oil is a fantastic way to keep your gel polish flexible, helping it to last longer.