Nail Repair & Strengtheners

Get stronger and healthier nails which can keep up with your lifestyle with our selection of nail repair & strengtheners. We have a formula no matter what your need…

Dry and Brittle Nails

Dreaming of growing long strong nails but they keep snapping? Make brittle nails a thing of the past with ORLY Tough Cookie. This formula
helps to strengthen dry and brittle nails that snap and break easily.

Splitting and Peeling Nails

Say goodbye to split nails and hello to healthy nails with ORLY Nail Defense. This formula helps prevent breakage, peeling nails and bond splitting by strengthening the nail.

Damaged Nails

Damaged your nails with gels or acrylics? Give your nails some TLC with ORLY Nailtrition. This 14 day treatment contains collagen, wheat protein, keratin
and bamboo extract – to strengthen peeling nails and stimulate healthier, faster nail growth.

Weak and Ridged Nails

Make your nails silky and smooth with ORLY Nail Armor. Like its name suggests, this silk fibre nail wrap treatment strengthens nails while smoothing ridges
– giving them an armour ready to take on the world.