ORLY Professional Manicure at home - Step by Step

ORLY step by step guide to the perfect at home manicure.

Dry, sore, itchy hands!? We are all feeling the effects of the constant hand washing and hand gel application at this difficult time. We are all missing our favourite nail technician, but until we can get back to our nail saviours ORLY are here to help treat yourself to a professional manicure at home with this step by step guide. Easy to do in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1

Remove any existing nail polish.

Take some ORLY Genius remover and saturate a cotton pad with it before applying the pad over the top of your nail and then whilst applying pressure pull down the nail plate to remove any polish.

ORLY Genius remover is perfect for removing nail varnish, gel polish and hybrids and contains a fantastic selection of conditioning agents including Eucalyptus, Peach and Green Tea extract to counter act any drying effect and leave your nails and cuticles in great condition.


Top Tip- for polish that has been on for quite a while or difficult to remove glitter polish, hold the pad with the ORLY Genius remover over the top of the polish and apply pressure for 5 seconds before wiping down the nail plate as this allows the remover to penetrate through the polish and will speed up the removal process.


Step 2


For better control, shape and file your nails when they are dry! This will allow you to be more precise in achieving your desired shape and length. Always file in one direction and avoid a see-sawing motion. Filing in one direction helps prevent peeling, weakening and breaking of the free edge.

We suggest the ORLY Crystal File duo which we offer in their own little protective bag – They allow you to file the nail gently. Our crystal travel file has a pointed edge to clean under the nail to help remove debris before hand washing. Our crystal files can be used again and again and are easily sanitised by washing with soapy water or simply pop them in the dishwasher.


Top Tip - Always make sure the nail file you are using is appropriate for use on natural nails. My favourite nail file for manicures is the ORLY Black board file it is a 180 grit and this fast and durable file is perfect for natural nails and quickly and easily files nails to the desired shape.


Step 3


You can create your own hand soak by applying 4-5 drops of your favourite ORLY Cuticle Oil to a small bowl of warm water and allow fingers and nails to soak for a few minutes. This is fantastic to help soften and condition the hands and cuticles.


Step 4

Cuticle work.

Apply ORLY Cutique to the cuticle area and brush down the nail plate. This wonder product not only softens cuticles but also lifts off any dirt or debris from the nail plate to ensure your nail polish application lasts. Once you have applied the Cutique allow it to work for 60 seconds and then take a ORLY Cuticle pusher or orange wood stick and gently glide up the surface of the nail starting at the free edge until you reach the cuticle area then gently push back the cuticles. You should never apply a downward pressure onto the nail plate it should always just be a glide up the nail. Once you have finished pushing back the cuticles wash your hands for a few seconds under running water.


Top Tip- ORLY Cutique is also a fantastic stain remover brilliant at removing unsightly fake tan, hair dye and food stains from the nail plate and cuticles.


Step 5


Apply a drop of ORLY Cuticle Oil + or ORLY Argan oil to every nail and massage in. Then apply ORLY Rich Renewal generously to hands and lower arms, massaging into skin until absorbed.

Top Tip- if your hands are really dry and in urgent need of moisture then apply the cuticle oil not only around the nails but also on top of fingers and hands then apply a very generous amount of hand cream over the top We suggest ORLY Rich Renewal or for pure luxury ORLY Argan hand crème. Do not rub it in, instead put hands into sandwich bags or wrap in cling film and then sit with your hands wrapped in a towel and put your feet up and enjoy some downtime. By doing this you will allow the oil and cream to penetrate deeper into the skin and you will get faster better results.


Step 6

Prepare nails for a pop of colour.

Before applying any colour, you need to remove any oil and residue from the nail plate. We do this by ‘squeaking’ the nail. Apply some ORLY Genius remover to a cotton pad and then wipe over the surface of the nail ensuring all oil and residue is removed and once completely clean the nails should almost squeak!


Step 7


Why does your salon manicure last? – it’s simply they apply a professional basecoat, many people skip this stage and shouldn’t! A basecoat is used to secure nail polish to the nail for longer lasting wear and helps prevent yellowing and colour stains. ORLY Bonder is renowned in the industry for its incredible formulation. Dubbed as ‘double sided sticky tape’ ORLY Bonder’s unique rubberised formula grips polish to the nail surface for lasting adhesion and it also allows the polish to be flexible which helps prevent chipping.

Apply one thin coat of ORLY Bonder to each nail.


Step 8


Now the tricky bit!!! Choosing which stunning ORLY colour to apply. Once you have made your decision you need to apply two thin coats. To get a professional looking manicure you ideally want to try and apply your polish in 3 sweeping strokes working from base to tip.


ORLY nail polish will help you do this as each of the bottles are fitted with the ORLY Genius Brush. A brush so good they even named it! This 600-count bristle brush will allow you to apply the polish effortlessly with no streaking and pulling. Plus, the brush is curved to fit the shape of the cuticle to help prevent unsightly flooding of the cuticles or side walls. Keep your polish application thin as this will help prevent peeling, chipping and flooding of the cuticles.


Top Tip- Make sure you cap the free edge with every layer of polish you apply including base and topcoat as this will help prevent chipping of the free edge.


Step 9


Apply one coat or ORLY Polishield or your favourite ORLY topcoat. ORLY Polishield is the superhero of topcoats! This quick-drying, high shine, chip resistant topcoat contains UV filters to prevent nail colour from fading. The advanced polymer technology fuses together with the nail polish to create a powerful topcoat layer.

When applying your topcoat just apply a thin controlled amount making sure you cap the free edge.


Step 10


Sit back and admire your beautiful fresh manicure. Take time to allow your polish to dry so you don’t cause any unnecessary smudging. If you are impatient then simply use ORLY spritz dry between layers to speed up the process.


Any questions follow us on ORLYNAILSUK we will are always happy to help!


Team ORLY x