Introducing ORLY Euphoria

Opposites attract in the Summer 2019 collection, ORLY Euphoria. Get summer nails to match your summer wardrobe with an eruption of colour representing the essence of summer.

ORLY Euphoria is made up of six must-have shades. Dive into relaxing icy blues and take a breather with pastel teals. Bask in the glow of flaming reds and watch as confetti polishes explode, injecting fresh excitement into your summer nails

It’s Brittney, Beach

Named after a top ORLY tech @nails_of_la, this irresistible crème blue is the ideal shade to help you keep your cool this summer

What’s The Big Teal

Make your summer nails stand out! One of two of the confetti polishes in the ORLY Euphoria collection, this chunky teal is perfect for an accent nail or a bold mani

Rosé All Day

(Yes please!) This pastel crème is a muted rose, the ideal accessory to your beach wardrobe

Muy Caliente

This fiery red is piping hot, literally! If red nail polish is the choice for you, you HAVE to try this sizzling crème

Warm It Up

The second of the confetti explosions, Warm It Up is a thermochromic shade, meaning the confetti will shift from a soft coral to a crisp white when your nails are exposed to heat. Warm It Up to see it for yourself

On Your Wavelength

Relax with this pastel crème tiffany teal. Anything goes this summer, wear it alone or with a clashing colour

The ORLY Euphoria collection is available in pigment-packed, 100% cruelty free and vegan nail lacquer that gives you even, smooth coverage every time.


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