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Made with ♥ in L.A.

Developed + Manufactured at our HQ in Los Angeles, CA since 1975.


Strength In Colour

ORLY introduces a complete range of 80 shades are part of the core collection, available in lacquer and gel polish formulas

Breathable Colour + Treatment

New innovation from ORLY.

Allows moisture and oxygen to reach the nail while excess moisture escapes, preventing chipping and peeling for longer lasting manicures.

Hybrid Flexible Colour

The launch of Flexible Colour - Jeff develops a new 2 step system, ORLY EPIX. Which looks like a gel, and removes like a polish.

Global Success

Jeff now owns the largest privately owned Nail Care company in the world

Modern Look

Jeff gives ORLY a bold, modern look

Innovation of GelFX

Another Jeff Pink innovation, GelFX. The original vitamin infused gel manicure system 

Loved By Celebrities

ORLY is spotted on top celebrities such as the Kardashians, Rihanna, Katy Perry and many more!

French Manicure

Jeff Pink creates The French Manicure. ORLY is featured in Saturday Night Fever, and used by iconic celebrities from the seventies such as Cher.

Beauty Supply

Jeff opens Jeff Pink Beauty Supply, which caters to the on-set needs of Hollywood

Jeff Pink

Emigrates from Israel with his wife ORLY

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