ORLY manicured hand holding cute puppy with the words 'love your vegan nails'

Here at ORLY we know it can sometimes be a struggle to find vegan nail polish, but we are proud to say that we exclusively produce on-trend vegan, cruelty-free nail polish that doesn’t compromise in quality. 

If you’re vegan or animal welfare is important to you, you don’t have to go bare - get beautiful, fashion-forward nails.

The founder of ORLY, Jeff Pink, has always had the ethos that nail polish should never be harmful, never tested on animals and is free from 12-nasties, including formaldehyde, so making sure we only make vegan nail polish is a really important value for us.

We never use animal derived ingredients in our polishes, Breathable and GelFX range, our products are free from harmful chemicals and we never test on animals so shop our massive range of colours worry-free!