ORLY Nail treatments, your go-to guide

Are your nails in need of some TLC? Beautiful manicures and pedicures start with strong, healthy nails. Now is the perfect time to concentrate on achieving the strongest, healthiest natural nails you’ve ever had. Not sure how, here at ORLY we’ve put together an ORLY Nail Treatment guide, so you can pick the nail treatments that are best suited to you and the areas you want to target.  

Let’s strengthen those natural nails!

Damaged nails?

Nurture those nails, and they will grow. ORLY Nailtrition is our award winning nail growth support treatment. It helps to prevent peeling nails and stimulates healthier, faster nail growth. This nail treatment is great if you’ve just taken your gel nail polish or acrylic nails off. Just apply 2 coats of ORLY Nailtrition nail growth treatment daily for 14 days to see results.

Dry, Brittle nails?

Don’t worry we’ve got just the nail treatment for you! Our ORLY Tough Cookie is formulated to slow down the keratin breakdown to help your nails grow stronger and healthier. Apply ORLY Tough Cookie nail strengthener three times a week and say goodbye to pesky broken nails!

Splitting and peeling nails?

Say goodbye to splitting and peeling nails, say hello to healthy nails. Prevent your nails peeling and bond those nail layers together whilst protecting. Seal them with our ORLY Nail Defense protein enriched strengthening nail base coat. You don’t have to go bare, with this nail treatment – wear it with nail polish or alone. ORLY Nail Defense will transform your nails in just 14 days, apply one coat daily and remove each week before reapplying.

Weak, ridged nails?

We’re bringing you the ultimate armour for your nails with our ORLY Nail Armor. Ridges in your nails will be a thing of the past with this nail strengthening and smoothing nail basecoat. This treatment will wrap your nails in a liquid formula to strengthen and reinforce your nails, whilst smoothing and protecting. ORLY Nail Armor can be worn alone or as a ridge filling basecoat for flawless nail polish application.

Now your nails are in the best condition lets maintain them...

Apply just two coats of our ORLY BB Crème all-in-one topical cosmetic treatment to perfect the look of your natural nails. Think makeup for nails, this BB Crème for nails, will transform your fingertips. It whitens, brightens, smoothes and protects your natural nails with a sheer tint. 


Orly Nailtrition 18Ml Strengthener
Orly Nail Defense 18Ml Strengthener
Orly Secn Dry 18Ml Quick

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