ORLY At London Fashion Week AW24

ORLY is back at London Fashion Week for AW24. Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at how the latest ORLY nail looks were created with fashion manicurist Marie-Louise Coster.

Marie-Louise says "This season was very much about starting quite natural, neutral and angelic. It becomes a bit more earthy and then it's supposed to become quite lusty as the long nails start to come in."


LOOK 1 - Natural Nails

The focus of the show is a transition from Angel to Devil and so to begin, models will have a natural manicure, topped with ORLY Shining Armour to give the nails a healthy shine. Nails were prepped with ORLY Cutique and our signature ORLY Cuticle Pusher and Remover. Marie-Louise also used treatments on the models’ nails, including Nailtrition for a healthy pink glow.

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For look 2, the models had gel topped extensions with some cut down to keep the hand looking square and uniform in length. We saw this look in two different ORLY shades – Rage and Inexhaustible Charm, to match the earthy and neutral tones of the collection.

To reflect Edward Crutchley's signature style and love of different textiles, Marie-Louise used foil and layering lacquer to create the texture on the nail. She says, "I did a first coat of ORLY and then began to layer the foil in on the second coat to build layers.”

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For look 3, Marie-Louise used the same technique of layering gel and foil to create the texture in the look but this time using a mix of ORLY classics - Monroe's Red and Haute Red. Once again, the nails are kept very square, but the extensions created are all the same length.

She says the most difficult part was adding topcoat. Once the layers on the extension had been created with gel and foil, she couldn’t just swipe the nail with topcoat as she usually would and instead had to ensure any layers and crevices created had been secured with topcoat.

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