There’s More to Nails Than Polish

We all want those insta-perfect nails that go with our fave outfit and leave us looking and feeling a million dollars, but in the real world most of us suffer from weak, splitting nails and problem cuticles that beautiful polish just doesn’t fix.

But don’t fear! ORLY UK is here to give you the lowdown on our must-have nail treatment products that will strengthen, brighten and moisturise those digits.


You’ve heard of BB crème for your skin, but not your nails. The first of its kind, our BB Crème is perfect for beautiful, natural nails. It whitens, brightens, smooths and protects your nails giving you an instant nail makeover and a healthy glow. All you need is two coats and away you go.

Loved by celebs, ORLY BB Crème is worn on red carpets all over, who said natural nails aren’t glam?

Amanda Seyfried wearing ORLY BB Crème at the premiere of Mamma Mia 2. Nails by @robbietomkins

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ORLY Cuticle Care Complex

Are your cuticles giving you gyp? Give them some TLC with ORLY Cuticle Care Complex.

No ordinary cuticle oil, this miracle treatment conditions and nourishes your nail bed with a powerful antioxidant formula. It softens your cuticles to promote healthy nail growth, so you’ll have healthy strong nails in no time. Remember, your cuticles are just as important as your nails themselves so don’t neglect them!

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ORLY Nailtrition

If you’ve got those dreaded peeling nails, probably after peeling off gels or removing acrylics, we have the treatment for you. ORLY Nailtrition is a nail strengthening and growth treatment packed with collagen, calcium and keratin to protect and repair and encourage growth.

We recommend using this for 14 days for the best results. Use it on it’s own, apply one or two coats daily on top of each other, no need for removal in between. After seven days remove it and start again. You’ll see amazing results, Dr ORLY promises.

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ORLY No Bite

Desperate for long nails but can’t stop nail biting? We got you, girl. ORLY No Bite is a bitter-tasting deterrent formula will help you break that nail-biting habit, so you can finally grow healthy nails

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Your nails are your best accessory, so look after them and feel as good as you look.