5 Tips to keep Your Mani and Pedi fresh this Summer

5 steps to detoxifying your nails with ORLY

Summer is on the horizon and it’s the perfect time to give your nails a makeover. Whether your nail polish is bright and bold, or pretty in pastel, you can go all out with your nails this season.

Beach days and longer summer nights are just days aways and keeping your hands, nails and feet healthy is essential.

It’s the season for fun! But sun, surfing and sand will have an effect on your mani and pedi.

Our ORLY Ambassador Lou Stokes is on hand to share ORLY’s 5 top tips on keeping your mani fresh this summer – avoiding chips, cracked cuticles and dulled down finish.

1. Protect your nails

We’d never dream of hitting the beach without applying your SPF to our skin, so why don’t we protect our nails from those UV rays? Just like our skin, UV rays can be very drying to our nails and can make them more brittle and dehydrated. 

So how do we protect our nails and hands? 

  • ORLY Breathable Nail polish will give your nails a pop of colour plus a layer of protection.

  • Applying ORLY Breathable will not only protect from UV but the included treatment of Vitamin C, Argan Oil and Pro Vitamin B5 will keep your nails moisturised and conditioned to combat any drying effects.

  • Protect your skin against free radicals and prevent moisture by applying ORLY Argan Oil Hand Crème regularly.

2. Keep a nail file to hand

Sunshine can be bliss but also cause extreme damage to your nails causing them to change texture and become dry which means more breakages.

Avoid the temptation to bite and pull in an attempt to fix a broken or loose nail. Biting your nails can often cause more damage or take your nails shorter than they need to be.

By keeping an ORLY Crystal nail file to hand you can quickly smooth any rough edges and prevent further damage. They are also suitable for use on natural nails, nail polish and gel polish as they are made from rose quartz crystal.

3. Always apply a nail polish basecoat

So why should you always use a nail polish basecoat?

Direct sunlight can cause ridges to appear on your nails, using a nail polish basecoat will not only fill ridges, but will also help protect your nails by adding strength.

ORLY Bonder basecoat is an industry favourite! It’s a nail tech fave but it’s also been dubbed the double-sided sticky tape of the basecoats. The unique rubberised formula of Bonder basecoat grips nail polish to make it more flexible and resilient, making your mani last longer and prevent your polish chipping and peeling.

4. Protect your nail polish

We have all seen the bleaching effects sun, chlorine and sea can have on our nail or gel polish. Protecting your nail polish doesn’t have to be hard work!

Applying a nail polish topcoat like ORLY Polishield contains a UV filter will help to protect your bold bright polish shades from fading and stop your perfect white manicures from yellowing.

ORLY Polishield is the ultimate topcoat! Chip resistant, high shine and speed drying. Polishield can also be worn over the top of normal polish or gel polish! Winner!

5. Don’t forget your feet

It’s easy to forget about your feet and pedi until you reach for your open toed sandals.

Having summer ready feet isn’t all about having the perfect summer pedi. It’s important that we indulge in some foot care, and think about our foot health too. Our feet are under constant pressure all day from standing, walking and exercising.

An easy step to incorporate into your daily routine is to moisturise your feet after you shower or bath as this will keep dry, cracked feet at bay and rehydrate your feet and toe nails.