How To Care For Your Cuticles

Dry, Damaged Nails and Cuticles? 

Do you ever wonder why your cuticle are so dry? Cuticles become dry due to a lack of moisture in cuticle and the surrounding skin, causing hangnails, cracked and torn cuticles.

How do you fix the dry skin around your nails? Well, cuticle oil is the answer.

What are the benefits of cuticle oil? 

Cuticle oil is really important to improving your cuticle health. Cuticle oils and cuticle treatments help stimulate your nail matrix, to encourage nail growth and make your nails stronger. But that isn’t where the benefits of cuticle oils stop.

Our hands are exposed to so much daily from washing, sun, wind, cold weather, as well as the many different products we use. These factors can add up to create a harsh environment, causing nail problems and damage to your cuticles.

Applying cuticle oil regularly will help protect your nails and cuticles from all types of trauma. It can help prevent damaged cuticles or irritation, as well as improve the overall health and appearance of your nails and cuticles.

Nobody wants to have their glossy mani ruined by unsightly dry, torn cuticles.

How often should you use cuticle oil?

Applying cuticle oil morning and night is crucial to improving your cuticle health.

Make cuticle care part of your daily routine. Keep a bottle of cuticle oil beside your bed and leave the cuticle oil to soak in overnight as this will give you maximum results.

If your nails are particularly dry and dehydrated, you should apply as often as you can to restore them back to health.

You should always apply cuticle oil after you have finished your manicure. Cuticle treatments will form an extra barrier on top to protect your freshly painted mani.

Cuticle oil is also brilliant at extending the life out of your gel polish manicure, by preventing your gel lifting, stopping you from picking your gel off.

What is the best cuticle oil for your nails?

GelFX Cuticle oil

This cuticle treatment’s formula is power packed with Vitamin A, E and Pro-Vitamin B5 to protect and nourish your nails after a gel manicure. This cuticle oil doesn’t just smell amazing, it’s enriched with orange blossom and wild cherry extracts to condition, moisturise and heal cuticles, nails and dry skin around the fingernails.

Apply one drop of GelFX vitamin infused cuticle oil to each nail and massage into the nail and surrounding skin.

Cuticle Oil Plus

Target your dry, dehydrated nails and persistent torn cuticles with Cuticle Oil Plus, enriched with Vitamin A and E to help protect your nails. This formula will help prevent hangnails, moisturise your skin and promote healthy nails with nutrient-rich orange blossom and wild cherry extracts. Ensuring longer, stronger nails with a deliciously, refreshing sweet citrus scent.

Apply one drop on each nail, either bare or polished and massage into the skin to nourish and restore the condition. Reapply daily - morning and night.

Argan Oil Cuticle Drops

This luxury conditioning cuticle treatment is perfect for dry and brittle nails. This cuticle oil contains a rich blend of Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate dry, brittle skin and nails, whilst reducing signs of aging.

Apply one drop onto each nail’s cuticle, either bare or polish to condition and maintain nail health. Apply daily, both AM and PM.