Having Pink Nails isn’t just about colour, it’s an attitude!

Whether your attitude is bold hot pink, bright neon pink, sophisticated light pink, calm sheer pink, subtle or girly pink, there is an ORLY pink nail polish to suit you. Pink is a classic nail varnish colour, but depending on the time of year, skin tone, event and mood the shade of pink nails you go for will change. One day it will be a simple one coat of barely there sheer pink polish like our ORLY Rose Coloured Glasses and the next it could be our bold bright neon creme nail polish ORLY Passion Fruit and some days we just NEED a full-on glitter disco party on your nails like ORLY Feel the Funk

But there is nothing quite as satisfying as finding your perfect shade of pink nail polish. For our ORLY Ambassador Lou her perfect shade is our limited edition nail polish, No Regrets - a bold, rich, magenta crème polish. Are you struggling to find the right pink nail polish? Read below for Lou’s top tips on finding the right pink nail varnish colour for you.

How to choose the right pink polish for you? 

There are a few things you need to consider.

1) Find your skin TONE

There are four main types of skin tone; light, fair, medium and dark. To check your tone, look under your jawline in natural light. This area is least affected by skin colour changes and will show your true tone. 

2) Get to know your skin undertone

Look at whether you have warm, cool or neutral skin undertone. If you’re not sure what undertone your skin has you can test this with jewellery. If silver jewellery looks flattering on your skin, you have a cool undertone which means blue-toned or cool shaded of pink polishes will suit you. If gold jewellery looks more flattering against your skin you have a warm undertone and will suit warm toned shades of pink. If both silver and gold look flattering on your skin you have a neutral undertone. 

Now you know your skin tone and skin undertone, it’s onto choosing the right pink ORLY nail varnish colour for you.  Here are the ORLY pink nail polishes we recommend: - 

ORLY REHAB: For light to fair skin tone with warm undertones suit a peach pastel.

ORLY BEACH CRUISER: Light to fair skin tone with a cool undertones suit bright pink with a blueish undertone.

ORLY DRAGON FRUIT: Olive to medium skin tones with a cool undertone tend to suit warm shades of coral pink, bright fuchsia pinks or a pinky-peach nude.

ORLY LOLA: Olive to medium skin tones with a cool undertone suit warm coral, pinky-peach, bubblegum pink and rose gold.

ORLY OH CABANA BOY: Darker skin tones with a warm undertone really suit a variety of nudes and can also rock those bright neon pink hues.

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