5 Key Steps To Detoxing Your Nails

5 steps to detoxifying your nails with ORLY

In our first ORLY guest blog post our ORLY Brand Ambassador Lou Stokes is going to be sharing with you her 5 top tips for nail detoxing. You can also follow our ORLY Ambassador Lou on Instagram @thealou_orly.

It's January - the Christmas decorations have been put away, dry January has started and your skin care routine is officially on point, but have you considered your nails and what would be best for them? There’s no need to worry, we're here to help. Find out our top tips for nail detoxing below:


Firstly, nail detox doesn't mean removing your gel polish or your acrylic nails! If you're happy with your gel manicure or nail extensions then maintain them. Manicures help protect nails in cold winter months. 

Our go-to for extra nourishment? We suggest using ORLY Gel FX - a unique vitamin infused gel polish that keeps your nails conditioned and nourished for optimum nail health.

2)Moisture is key to healthy nails 

In winter, keeping nails healthy becomes tougher as dry air penetrates through the layers of our nail plates. This leaves nails so brittle that even the slightest impact can damage them. One of the quickest and most effective ways to keep nails healthy and moisturised is our at-home heated hand treatment. 

Now this may sound fancy but it’s super easy and can be done at home using just cuticle oil, hand cream, sandwich bags and oven gloves or a hot water bottle, and just follow the steps below:

1. Apply a generous amount of cuticle oil all over the hands, nails and cuticles. We recommend using our ORLY Cuticle Oil + as it is especially formulated for dry, dehydrated cuticles. This will intensely moisturise and nourish your hands, nails and cuticles and will also keep hangnails at bay! Our ORLY Cuticle Oil+ has a wild cherry and orange blossom scent for that real salon feel.

2. Next apply a generous amount of hand cream and massage into your hands. 

3. Pop your moisturised hands into sandwich bags and then into a pair of oven gloves to keep hands cosy and warm. By adding heat, you are opening up the pores and allowing the products to penetrate deeper into the skin. For extra heat and added relaxation add a hot water bottle. Allow the products to sink in for about 15-20 minutes and then remove and rub in any excess. You will notice immediately that your hands are super soft and your nails look healthier. 

This easy at-home hand treatment can be repeated as often as you need.


Filing your nails regularly helps to manage and maintain your nails. It also promotes nail growth by increasing the blood flow to the nail plate. We recommend using our ORLY crystal nail files which are made from rose quartz crystal - these will lock moisture into your nails as they help to seal the nail's free edge. The grit on the ORLY crystal nail file is super smooth and graduated so you always get that perfect snag free finish. We love these nail files as they can be used on natural nails, gel polish and nail extensions.

4) Strengthen your nails

If you've decided to remove your gel nail polish or your natural nails are in need of some TLC, then you may want to consider a nail strengthener. Here at ORLY we have a range of nail strengtheners, each one combats a different nail concern. It's important to use the right nail strengthener for your individual nail concerns as not all nail strengtheners are suitable for all nail types.

If you have damaged nails that are hard to grow try ORLY Nailtrition nail growth support treatment. ORLY Nailtrition strengthens peeling nails and stimulates faster, healthier nail growth in just 14 days. ORLY Nailtrition’s advanced formula contains collagen, wheat protein, keratin and bamboo extract which is great for nails that have previously had gel polish or acrylic nails on.

Dry, brittle nails? ORLY Tough Cookie nail treatment is the answer. Grow stronger nails and increase the moisture and flexibility in the nail plate by slowing keratin breakdown with an enriched formula containing African Okume Extract. ORLY Tough Cookie treatment is ideal for nails that are dry, brittle and break and snap easily.

Are your nails splitting and peeling? ORLY Nail Defense treatment will fortify your nails with this protein enriched formula to prevent your nails from breaking and splitting, binding nails together so you can say goodbye to splits for good. Combining hydrolysed wheat protein, balm mint, horsetail extract and chamomile flower extract the ORLY Nail Defense formula can be used on its own or as a nail base and top coat.

Need more help selecting the right nail treatment for you? Read our ORLY Nail Treatment, Go-to Guide.

5) Cuticle Care & NAIL Exfoliation

Here at ORLY we have a whole range of products just for cuticle care and maintenance. Our hero product is ORLY Cutique cuticle remover, this product gently removes dead skin from the nail plate whilst leaving cuticles soft and pliable. Think of ORLY Cutique as an exfoliator for your nails. By using ORLY Cutique cuticle remover before you apply your nail polish you'll get a longer lasting manicure, as the products will adhere to the nail plate better. ORLY Cutique is also a fantastic nail stain remover and will help get rid of pesky stains caused by hair dye, fake tan and some food items. For best results use ORLY Cutique with our ORLY Cuticle Pusher and Remover - this professional cuticle remover tool does all the hard work for you and leaves you with perfect cuticles.